Raw materials and allergens

We believe that food is medicine and what we eat influences how we feel. That´s why we pay lot of attention to the ingredients we cook from. We eat the same food we serve to you and have “feel at home” attitude towards everything we do. The key is seasonal food, therefore our menu is adjusted to the seasons and changes every week. We try to live a community life style supporting our local farmers and producers. We can often be spotted at local markets shopping mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade cheese and butter. Thanks to excellent farm shops, which bring together local farmers (e.g.www.plnas­ we offer product such as truly homemade syrups, jams and have meat suppliers from small local farms. No artificial flavourings and vegetable oils are used in our food. Coconut oil is the only oil we use or butter is used instead. Fresh vegetables and herbs we grow add just the right flavour to our food. The fish used for our sushi is guaranteed to be fresh and tasty every morning. Our kitchen is open and everyone can see how the food is being prepared and what ingredients are used. Feel free to come and see for yourselves. We follow a simple rule – let´s do things the way we would like them to be if we were the customers! The presence of allergens in MoshiMoshi products The obligation to indicate the presence of allergens in food stems from the Directives of European Parliament and Council Directive 2003/89/EC amending Council Directive 2000/13 / EC as regards indication of the ingredients present in foodstuffs and the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health Directives no.1187/2004–100 which issues Head Codex Alimentarius of the Slovak Republic governing the labeling of foodstuffs (as amended by Decree no.1761/2005–100, no.3069/2005–100 and no.2319/2007–100). The products on the MoshiMoshi menu may contain following allergenic ingredients:

  1. Cereals containing gluten (i.e. wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their products)
  2. Shellfish and their products.
  3. Eggs and their products.
  4. Fish and their products.
  5. Peanuts and their products.
  6. Soybeans and their products.
  7. Milk and dairy products.
  8. Nuts and their products.
  9. Celery and its products.
  10. Mustard and its products.
  11. Sesame seeds and their products.
  12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations higher than 10 mg/kg or 10mg/l.
  13. Lupin and its products.
  14. Molluscs and their products.

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